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Monday, January 23, 2012

Weather Instruments Projects

Students presented their weather instruments in class last week. Each student was instructed to create an instrument of their choice from a list of options. These instrument options included: hydrometer, anemometer, thermometer, wind vane, wind sock, rain gauge, or a barometer. Students had to reflect on their project in their writing journals and they were given a scoring rubric to assess themselves and what they learned. Way to go Studio 214- thank you for your creativity and your hard work!

Junior Achievement

We are very fortunate this year to have a representative from the bank to teach our Junior Achievement classes in fourth grade! Our volunteer in Studio 214 is Mrs. Amisha Proctor and we are very excited to have her join us each week! In our Junior Achievement classes last about six weeks and students learn about capital and human resources, things to think about before starting a business, profit, overhead costs, and much more. It's a great lesson in economics and really challenges them to think about how businesses work!

Phases of the Moon Songs

Here is a cool moon phase rap song that we will learn to help us remember the correct order of the phases!

This is the rap song.

This is done to the tune of "Forget You".

Manic Monday Hands-On Day

We had another hands-on day which was called "Manic Monday" today at CCES. It was another great day of learning! Students completed a play analysis, KY Scavenger Hunt, and creating an Oreo moon phase model. Check out all the pictures above of our great day!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Taylor- Book Talk

Taylor just finished reading about Marven Redpost from the book "Why Pick on Me?" He gets picked on by a class bully. Read this book to see how he settled his problems!

Student Meteorologist- Cameron

Cameron was our first student metereologist! We watched the webcast as a class from WBKO and he recorded his data to make his own report. We have been watching the weather forecasts and plotting the temperature to see if we see any trends or patterns during the month of January. So far, the temperature and the weather has been all over the place!

Student Meteorologist- Zoe

We have student meterologists in Studio 214! Zoe did our second report on January 12. (All students have the opportunity to do this- we are drawing their numbers out to see who goes next...) We may have some future weather men and ladies in practice!

January 12- View from our Window

Here was a quick view from our window when it was snowing so hard On Thursday! It was very exciting!

Students of the Week- Zoe and Isaac

Here are our past two students of the week- Zoe and Isaac! Keep up the great work!

Up in the Clouds

This week we have been studying the different types of clouds. We also discussed the types of weather associated with the clouds we see in the sky. The three types we discussed are stratus, cumulus, and cirrus. Here are some pictures from Studio 214 of students constructing their cloud models.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oreo Moon Phase

Next week, we will begin our unit on space and will start with a lesson on moon phases. Here is a project that we are going to complete with oreos- yummy! The website below are the instructions we will use for our task next week.

Morning Work Wrap-Up and Exercise Song


This is a link to our song we are going to start using to wrap up our morning work task everyday. We are practicing this week on being finished with our work and ready to go for our first subject by the time the end of this song comes around.

I love this song- growing up, I remember hearing it on the radio when we would travel and the excitement I always felt on our family trips. Enjoy and have a bright, sun-shiny day!