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Friday, September 27, 2013

Studio 214 Class Song and Mission

          Our class wrote a motto last week and we included some ideas to write this song.  We used Katy Perry's new song "Roar" for the music and some of her words.  Our class motto is:

"Setting Goals + Working Hard = Reaching Dreams"

Friday, September 20, 2013

Seatbelt Safety

          In science, we began talking about Newton's first law of motion.  The experiment included a little Panther man, a jeep, and no seatbelt.  We demonstrated what happens when we don't wear our seatbelt and discussed how science plays a part in that reaction.  Remember- always wear your seatbelt everywhere you go!

Bowling in the CCES Halls

We completed this task with the bowling ball to see how mass affects motion and movement.  I was getting a little nervous with a couple of our "drivers".

Doorway Greeting

          This is hanging on our classroom door and it's hard to see, but every cast member in Studio 214 signed their name on it.  It's so personal and I love it!  (My mother-in-law made it for me- she's the best!)

Studio 214 Motto

          We created a class motto this week in Studio 214 and had this poster made to hang outside our door!  We also have written a class song and we will get the posted on here next week with our cast members singing it!

Rice and Beans Estimation

          In math this week, we have been learning about estimating.  We completed this task with rice and beans to discuss estimating.  Students had to make an estimate as to how many scoops of rice and beans it would take to fill the cup.  We stopped every five scoops to make new predictions.  We were surprised to learn that it took three less scoops of rice to fill the cup, compared to beans.  Why?  This was a lesson I got while attending a science teacher's academy in New York- the Mickelson Exxon Mobile Teachers' Academy.

Speed = Distance / Time

          We conducted an experiment this week to measure speed.  We raced the car down the inclined plane and timed it.  Then we measured the distance traveled.  We discussed things we could do to make the car go faster and the forces that slow the car down.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Quick Formative Assessment

Using whiteboards is a great, quick way for me to check and see who is getting it and who needs a little more practice.  I also love the discussion we can have when we complete problems while using them!  On this day, we were practicing four-digit subtraction with a zero.

No Friction Here- Well a Little...

          We started this test in the classroom, but did not have enough room, so we moved it to the hall.  This was so much fun to test to see what would happen when we doubled the height of the ramp.  The kids had some great predictions about whether the distance would double also or just a little.  We also took some time to jot down some new "wonderings" and we tested those too!

Science Notebooks

          We are working really hard to create and record our data using tables and graphs this year in our science notebooks.  Here is the first step of our experiment today and next week, we are going to graph the results!  Check out Faith's entry today!

Friction Does What?

Man- I LOVE science!  We conducted an experiment today to see how friction affects movement.  We tested several objects with three different trials.  The first trial was using a white tray.  The second trial was to see how the objects moved on a piece of aluminum foil and the third trial was to test to see how the objects would move on a piece of sand paper.  The data doesn't lie!  Next week, we are going to graph our results!



Wednesday, September 11, 2013

7 Habits Song

We are learning the 7 Habits with the "Leader in Me" at CCES.  These habits will help our students not only be more successful in school, but successful in life.  This song was written by a seventh grade student in Bowling Green and it's amazing!

Service Project- Courtyard Cleanup

         On Monday during the beginning of our recess time, we worked in the CCES courtyard, pulling weeds.  Fourth grade students do this as a service project for our school.  We make sure the weeds are pulled and all the garbage is picked up in this area.  A couple years ago, we applied for several grants (and got them) and collaborated with the high school FFA to remake our courtyard area so students could enjoy it and so it would be a nice place to read or have lunch and snack!  We completed the project through our math and science content and learned so much about measurement, symmetry, budgets, and plant life!

Leader of the Month

Haley was chosen as our "Leader of the Month" for the way she has helped and led her classmates this month.  She has gone out of her way to help the students in her group whether they needed a pencil or an eraser or just help on a question.  Each month, our leader of the month gets to choose a special prize from our treasure chest and Haley chose these awesome teeth!  Our class was cracking up!

Does Mass Make a Difference?

          Today we tested several spheres using an incline plane (ramp) to determine whether the mass of an object would effect the distance traveled.  We tested a marble, a ping pong ball, a tennis ball, a baseball, a dodge ball, a golf ball, and a bowling ball.  What we found out was exciting!

Hmmmm... Science Wonderings

          Students were really thinking after our experiment today to reflect and write down their "wonderings".  We are working really hard in Studio 214 to take the time to think about "what would happen if we did this?"  Tomorrow we are going to test some of their wonderings from today's experiment and I think through these tests, we will have some big "aha" moments and it teaches us to question.

Rounding Rap- Take 2

          We recorded this year's cast performing the rounding rap song!  Way to go, Studio 214!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Panther Morning Song

Here is our morning Panther song so all our leaders at CCES can practice at home and at school! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

It's on Fire!

          To compare physical and chemical change, we used a sheet of paper.  For physical change, we wadded the paper up and unfolded it and asked the question, "Is it still paper?"  Then we ripped it and asked the same question.  A physical change occurs when an object changes physically, but it still remains the same object.  For the chemical change, we burned the burned the paper.  Don't worry, we had water on standby!  We then discussed how once the paper had been burned, we could not turn it back into paper again.  It was changed chemically.

Particles in Motion

         We conducted an experiment to demonstrate how particules move further apart when heat is added.  Before we added heat to the metal ball, it would fit in the circle and could be removed.  Once heat was added, the particles inside the metal moved further apart and caused the metal to expand.  It would not fit back outside the circle again until it cooled and the particles moved closer together again.  I love the look of curiosity on Eddy's face!  It was his day to sit at my desk- he earned it from our scratch-off reward cards!

Ant Farm

          Our ant farm is coming along!  They have been really interesting to watch.  I'm going to order more ants and more ant food.  I'm still learning about these pets and we've lost a few since the beginning of the year... :(

Mystery Boxes and Physical Properties

After learning about physical properties, we used that information to infer what was inside the mystery boxes.  Students made notes and predictions and then looked inside!