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Friday, October 30, 2015

A New Creation

Students in Studio 214 have been learning about animals with internal and external structures.  Their job today is to create a new animal with two external structures and one internal structure and describe their habitat.  They had a scoring rubric to guide their work and reflect on what they created.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Need Something to Do?

While our kids are off from school today, feel free to check out these cool sites to preview and review what we are learning in science about animal's internal (inside) and external (outside) parts that help them survive in their environment!

Image result for free clipart- kids

A Day I'll Never Forget...

Our district had a special celebration for our recent test scores.  Our district is a DISTINGUISHED district, which is the first time in history!  Our students have worked so hard and I am beyond proud of them and want to continue this as a Panther Tradition every year!  Here are some snapshots of our fun day which included a community parade, jumpy houses, picnic lunch, and snow cones!

Students as Open Response Evaluators

Our students recently participated in a KPREP Scrimmage, covering material we had learned throughout the beginning of the school year.  On our science scrimmage, they had an open response to answer where they had to provide proof and answer three separate questions.  The following days, we looked at a KPREP scoring rubric and discussed the differences between distinguished, proficient, apprentice, and novice.  Then the fun part began!  We looked at some responses, anonymously, and scored them, providing feedback, and for the most part, our students were right on track!  Then they got to get their own open response back, scored it, and reflected on what they should have done differently.  I can't wait to see how they do the next time!

Lindsey Wilson Student Teacher

We are so very excited to have Ms. Rachel McFall with us until Christmas!  She is from Clinton County and will be finishing up her undergraduate work with us.  We are so happy to have her with us in fourth grade!  

Ms. Rachel was sharing her "Me Bag" with our class, so she could introduce herself and share the people and things she loves!

WKU Field Trip

We got to take a field trip last week to visit Western Kentucky University and watch a play, "Shrek".  We also walked across campus and had at the Downing Center and students got to order their own food and pay for it, which was a first time event for some.  We had a great trip!  

(Some of our class had already left with their parents with this picture was taken.  Love those shirts!)

Kentucky History Mobile

We had an awesome opportunity last week to visit the History Mobile that traveled to our school district!  Students got to learn about Kentucky's history and interact with choices our Kentucky leaders had to make so many years ago!  They also got to view some really neat artifacts!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Creepers- Minecraft and Structures

We used Creepers from Minecraft to introduce animal structures this week!  Students put together the parts as they explained what the function of that particular structure did to help the Creeper survive in its environment!

Google Slides Presentations

We completed some research on our Kentucky Regions and students got to choose how they wanted to present their information.  Some students chose to complete a brochure, a poster, or a Google Slide Show.  Here are a couple of their slides!


Panther Pride!

We are very excited around here!  We learned that our school is a proficient school for the state of Kentucky!  We are so proud of our students and all their hard work!  Let's keep moving forward!