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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Students are deep in discussion.  Today was the first day we have used the IPADS also- which we love!  Today we started an election project.  Students are electing a president and vice president for our class.  They have a campaign team and are creating a slogan, a platform, and propaganda to distribute in the school.  We are tying electoral votes as well when we vote- each group has a different number of students and their electoral votes will be based on their size, so we will compare what happens with popular vote and electoral votes when we take a class vote next week to elect a class president of Studio 214!  The platform they choose has to be something they could actually talk to our school principal about and I have been really impressed to hear their concerns about our school.  Stay tuned to meet our new class president!  If elected they will get to be president for the day and have a "cabinet" lunch meeting and discuss their issues with our principal!