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Monday, December 3, 2012

Vocabulary Journals

We are starting vocabulary journals this week in our writing journals.  I have taken a picture of what students' first page looks like in their journal.  They are going to find ten words they read or hear throughout the week that they are unfamiliar with and record them in their journals.  They will also write the definition for each and choose one word to use in a complete sentence.  Every so often, I would like to have a "Word Parade" and have students create posters to illustrate and describe one new word they have learned each month.  We are doing this because we have noticed that with the new standards, we need to have a stronger vocabulary base and learn more fourth grade level words. 

This task will be due each Friday morning and students will have plenty of time to complete this at school each week if they use their time wisely. 

I'm sorry the picture is sideways...