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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Duck Dynasty Hands-On Day!

Duck Dynasty Day!


           Duck Dynasty hands-on day was so much fun!  During reading, we took an article that was cut into pieces about Duck Dynasty and the students had to put it back together in the correct order, paying attention to the introduction, transitions in the body paragraphs, and the conclusion.  There were some sentences that had been added to the article also and students had to figure out where they would fit best and explain why.  During math, we completed a gallery walk and during each stop, students had to figure the cost of different orders from the online store from the Duck Commander website.  These problems included multiple steps and multiple operations. 

          We had a couple more tasks to complete today and ran out of time.  The first item was a "Beat the Thesaurus" game where students try to think of more synonyms for words than the thesaurus lists.  We have some of Si's favorite words to use for this task.  The last planned task we had was to review first and third perspectives, which was in our last reading unit.  Students were to watch a two minute video clip from the show and then retell it from one of the six perspectives- Jace, Willie, Godwin, Martin, Si, or Jep.  They were going to complete this in groups and to group the students, they each had a picture on their desk of these six people from the show and they would work would the same people who had that same picture.  We will complete these two tasks next week.

It was such a great day and just another reason why... I LOVE MY JOB!