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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Science Lab- Biodegradable Bouncy Ball

Today the science lab arrived at our school and all fourth grade students had the opportunity to review natural resources and create a biodegradable bouncy ball!  It was super cool!

Once students mixed the ingredients listed above, they added food coloring and placed their open zip log bag in the microwave for thirty seconds.  Then the bag was put into a container of ice water to cool.  Next the students got to take the plastic out of the bag and squish it into the shape of a ball, getting all the air bubbles out.  After ten hours, their plastic will harden and make a bouncy ball.  We used a variable with the corn oil- some students used 4 drops, 6 drops, and 8 drops, and we are going to test them on Friday to see which type of ball bounces higher.  We will use that data to create a bar graph to display our data and make a claim!