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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Work then Play Fridays!

We will be starting our "Work then Play Fridays" this week!  Students will get to sign up each Thursday for the thirty-minute session they would like to attend.  "Work Then Play Fridays" are to reward students who are practicing Habit 3 – Putting First Things First!

Students who have all their classwork and homework completed by Thursday of each week will sign up.  Those who do not have all work in, have the opportunity to get caught up on Thursday night and sign up on Friday morning.  We want to encourage all our students to have their work finished and participate.  This is, in no way, tied to behavior.  As long as students have their work done – they can participate!

Sessions available for students to choose from include Zumba, Lego's, Arts/Crafts, Chorus, Board Games, Play Dough Creations, and many more!  We are looking forward to having a moment to "Sharpen the Saw" and play, after all our hard work!