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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jump, Jump, Jump

We're not talking about bunny rabbits here, even though it is close to Easter!  In class we did an investigation recently about the life cycle of a moth to learn more about how plants/animals survive, grow, and reproduce.  Students were given a mystery object to observe and collect data about, but what they didn't know, is that the mystery object would begin to move all by itself.  It was super exciting to hear their reaction of the jumping beans! 

 Once they finished their data collection, we read an article to figure out what in the world we were looking at and we jigsawed (students were given a color and they read that highlighted part in the passage).  We used our new ipads to read the article with a partner!  After they read, they completed a task and came back to their original group members to teach each other about what they learned from the passage.  Ask your child why the bean was moving and whether it is actually a bean!