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Sunday, January 26, 2014

CCES Bathrooms- Design on a Dime Challenge

     Our fourth grade students expressed some concerns with our administration during a lunch before Christmas.  They had the idea to have a Christmas school dance, charge admission, and use the money to fix up the student bathrooms.  That's exactly what took place recently!
     Teachers worked together on teams, using a budget of $100, a can of paint, and some extra money from our own pockets, to design bathrooms for our students.  They turned out awesome!  Here are some pictures from a couple of the bathrooms!  The expressions on their faces were hilarious and they just loved them all!  I need to go around to all eight bathrooms to take pictures- here are some pictures from two of them.


We had the picture still taped up so the liquid nails could finish drying- that is a picture of our Assistant Principal, Mr. Nathan, and we were wanting it to look like he was inside the rocket, looking out.  It is the funniest picture and he was such a good sport to let us use it!

When you close the stall door in the space bathroom, music plays like you are going to take off into space!  We also added some glow in the dark planets and stars inside the rocket and some space reading material too.  Our trash can, we transformed into a space alien with LED light antennas.  The two astronauts lights up too!  We had so much fun with this project and glad the kids love them all so much!  


These are some pictures of the Paris bathroom on the third floor- such a beautiful job!