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Friday, May 22, 2015

How Did They Do That?

We conducted our last experiment for the year today in science class!  (Enter sad face) I did this experiment for the first time when I got to attend the Mickelson EsxonMobil Teachers' Academy in New York City at the Liberty Science Center and it was so AWESOME!  I will never forget attending this amazing academy and encourage all 3-5 grade science and math teachers to apply at www.sendmyteacher.com!

Students had to figure out how to get the egg in the glass of water, without breaking it, only using a broom.  The egg is positioned on a toilet paper holder and is sitting on top of a pizza pan, on top of the glass water.  Seems impossible, right?  It's NOT!  They figured out how to complete the mission with success and it was fun!  It was also a great way to review force and to remember that an object at rest or motion will stay at rest or motion, unless acted upon by an outside force.  SCIENCE IS COOL!

(Watch only after you have completed your experiment!)