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Friday, May 15, 2015

Hands-On Plate Tectonics

Today we learned about how plate tectonics move past each other and that they are always moving on the surface of the mantle!  We used graham crackers and marshmallow cream to model the ways plates move (convergent, divergent, and transform.)  We also watched Bill Nye: Rocks and Soil, while we ate our plates!  

When we watch a Bill Nye video, we use the "Give One, Get One" strategy, where students make notes about what they learn and then they pick a partner to share their facts with so they are giving facts and getting facts.  The person with the most facts in all, gets a prize!

How plates move...

Plate Tectonic Model (Plates and mantle)

Give One Get One- Science Journal

 Layers of the earth model with play-dough.