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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Madness Hands-On Day

Here is a video of us doing our song for circumference!



          This week we have been studying text structures.  We watched this video clip this morning in honor of March Madness of a boy who is ten years old who made an incredible shot during a game!  Students created a passage with a partner, in the text form of their choice from compare and contrast, cause and effect, description, sequencing, or problem and solution about the clip.  In their passage, they had to be sure to use the clue words that it would indicate it was a compare and contrast text structure.  We also had a gallery walk that focused on text structures but ran out of time, so we will complete it tomorrow.



          We watched this video clip to talk about the song itself and just because it is so funny!  We used the "Jump on It" song that has no lyrics to introduce the circumference of a circle and talk about the degrees in a circle.  I also thought it was fitting for today because at a lot of basketball games, the pep section does this song.  You can listen to this song by creating a free account at www.grooveshark.com.  For our math lesson, we looked at basketball stats of the Kentucky Wildcats and turned them into fractions and reduced them into their simplest form.  Students then wrote their fractions on cards and ranked them from least to greatest.