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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cabinet Members Luncheon

          Fourth grade recently elected a new President and Vice President!  Leading up to the election, each homeroom elected their own candidates and they worked together as a class teams to create mottos, slogans, platforms, videos, and speeches.  Each class had two campaign managers.  The president of each class gave a speech to the entire fourth grade and then we cast our votes to elect a fourth grade president and vice president.  They did such a great job with the entire project!

          In the picture below, students got to have a special lunch with our Principal and Assistant Principal, to discuss their platforms and issues for CCES.  One key discussion areas was to have a school dance for grades 3-5 and charge admission and sale concessions.  They wanted to use the money to repaint the bathrooms and make them look cooler.  Students also wanted to have a flex Friday in the lunchroom and if they had not been in trouble during the week, they could sit wherever they wanted to so they could talk with students from other classes.  They had many great ideas and it was neat to be able to have a meeting for them to share their ideas!