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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Layers of the Earth

We have been learning about the layers of the Earth, so we decided to act it out as a class.  The inner core is solid and says, "I'm strong"!  The outer core circled around him and said, "I'm melting", because it is made of hot liquid, and they melted around the core.  The mantle held hands around the outer core and said, "Hot rocks".  The crust was last and they just said, "Crust", as they moved around the mantle.  This is a great visual for them to see the layers.

Then we created a play dough model so they could see a replica of the Earth.  Students then created their own diagrams on plates and wrote a summary about the layers of the Earth, based on what they have learned from our skit, the model, the diagram, and the video from Brain Pop.